Parts Of A real Sector Research Report 

With the rising scope of real estate, the degree of research in the field is also growing. While writing a dissertation for real estate, this will be the structure to be followed:

• Topic: Choose your topic wisely. Within housing dissertations, there are a lot of topics available like maintenance, real estate prices, investments, apt locations, need for affordable housing, constructions, choosing a trust-worthy builder, etc.

• Proposal: Create a strong proposal. Your topic will be more appealing with a well-written and effective proposal.

• Title: Your title page must have a strong statement that well-elaborates your topic

• Introductory pages: The preface, acknowledgement and table of contents must be included in your dissertation

• Research: Conduct a thorough research about your topic and incorporate all the tables and charts based on your study in your dissertation. You can use a lot of facts and figures to complement your study in a housing dissertation

• Abstract: Write an exceptional abstract. The abstract will make your dissertation stand out from the others, and a good housing abstract will interest a lot of people, right from niche to mass audiences.

• Analysis: Give a detailed analysis based on your study that includes statistical data and data collection methods and analysis.

• Conclusions: This is the most important aspect of your dissertation. Write a clear and focused conclusion that communicates your study and research effectively.