Dissertation Abstract Writing Tips 

Abstract, although, presented right at the beginning of the dissertation, is one of the last written pieces of work. It is in essence a précis version of the entire tome that you have put up for the examiner. A well-written abstract, is not just a preamble to your dissertation (this is the work of the introduction), but performs as standalone chapter that can replace your entire dissertation, in bibliographic presentations, citations, and online listings.

Here are a few points that one must consider while compiling this work:

  • Depending upon the university rules, an abstract should ideally be 150 to 300 words long. Shorter the better is the thumb rule to be used.
  • It should include the salient features of every chapter of the dissertation, including the introduction, review of literature, goals, methodology, results, and conclusion, along with a summarizing line.
  • Like any piece of written work, the abstract should be written in a coherent language and logically structured.
  • When discussing various sections of the study, give due importance to the results and conclusions of the study and do not waste much space in building up the case.

An abstract sets the expectations of the examiner and determines whether a reader will move forward or not. Thus, it is essential that a student put in complete efforts and thought while writing the abstract.