An insight into reliable sources of research paper writing 

As a doctoral candidate you need to write research papersbut often you might find it difficult to understand what a reliable research source is for writing such papers. In order to complete your research paper, you should choose a variety of mediums for conducting research such as internet, journals, books, research and newspaper articles etc. Using such resources would allow you to work with a good stock of important data.

If you do not have a wide variety of research materials then you will find it difficult to support your views. Hence, a good stock of research data is quite necessary for drafting an excellent research document. Now, the sources of information for writing a paper could be of two types,viz: Primary and Secondary.  Primary sources of information refer to the first-hand research experiences while the secondary sources of information refer to data and facts available on websites, journals,etc.It also means learning from the experiences and works of others.

If you can find websites with extensions as .gov, .edu, .net, .org, then these are typically the most reliable and accurate ones. ¬†Along with it, you should consider going to your local library and checking out a book on the topic you’re researching.

Another idea is to try finding some articles posted there on the research journals. These research journals are written by professors, working in the field or even historians who have done research on a particular topic and posted their findings. Apart from that try taking help from your teachers as they will the ones who will be giving accurate information about your research project.