Factors affecting dissertation topic selection process 

Just like the cover of a book, your dissertation topic is the most important and the foremost impression of your dissertation. It is also the first step you will take towards climbing the long staircase of completing your thesis efficiently. However, it is this first step that will determine the course of your dissertation and its outcome. A bad topic can completely ruin your study while a good one can open up many new avenues for research as well as employment in the future. Therefore, every coach, tutor and professor will advise you to carefully select a topic. A number of factors will play a vital role in your topic selection. Read on to understand the underlying factors in your dissertation topic selection process.


Area of your study

Start with selecting the subject that interests you. Don’t jump to the topic directly. Take small steps and move ahead using factual information so that you narrow down on a relevant and viable topic. Also, your interest level makes a huge difference in making your dissertation a success or a failure.

Issues / Problems in that particular area

Once you select a broad subject area find out the major problems/issues faced in the particular industry or field. If you are aware of the problems, you can create a research topic that will help solve the problem.


Select a topic that has not been worked on before. It may seem difficult to find an original topic, but the value of your dissertation will increase multi-fold if you conduct a research on a unique subject that has been untouched until now. Also, the evaluator and your potential employer will appreciate the new work that you can put forward.


Your topic must allow you to select the right methodology for the research. Also, the data collection must be viable in order to achieve desired results. The analysis of the data must help in your topic conclusion and it must add value to your dissertation.

Literature Review

Do a thorough research before you finalize your topic on the available material for your study. You must have enough material to complete your dissertation. Go through publications, journals, earlier completed dissertations on related topics, online sources, etc. to understand the scope of your topic.

Contribution to the future

Even though your dissertation may not get read by a mass number of people, it should certainly make a positive impact on the lives of individuals. Choose a topic that will help in making a contribution towards future studies.