Is pursuing a PhD in Computer Science actually easy? 

Choosing a PhD in computer science is whole heartedly decision of the pursuer. At the end of PhD (After thesis is written and defended), one can be an expert in a particular subject. If you wish to be a lecturer or consultant, you are on the right path, but if you want to be a programmer, you are wasting your time and energy in a long study course which is of no use in practical as you become over qualified. Although through PhD’s you can get a good research job which pays you well.

If you want to pursue PhD in CS, you must ask few questions to yourself that why are you doing it?

  • Money- If you think that you can earn with PhD, it’s not a very good idea as you will be earning very less than your capable earnings.
  • Interest- If you really want to be a computer geek and explore the subject in depth to kill your curiosity and learn new things, then you are on the right path.
  • If you want to be a professor and want to find yourself as a faculty in a university with creative freedom, travel and flexible schedule then pursuing this lengthy and tedious course is worth it.

Choose the right path after graduation, as PhD is a long process of attending classes and doing research. It is fun to learn new things, but sometimes frustrating too.