Is choosing a broad dissertation topic viable?

A dissertation is one of the most crucial steps in your graduation or post-graduation programme. In the course of your dissertation, you will come across a number of hurdles and regrets about your topic selection and the scope to work within your topic. One of the most debatable issues in dissertation topic selection is whether you should take a focused selective topic or go ahead with a broad topic that allows you to extend your research.

Choose a topic that interests you, raises your curiosity and makes you want to find out more. It is wise to start with a broad topic as you can explore greater possibilities and have a larger canvas to work on. However, in the process of your dissertation, you might realise that you can narrow down the broader topic to a more precise one, thus enabling a better conclusion to your study.

Discuss your topic with your supervisor so that you are alarmed on time if you are on the wrong track. Don’t choose a topic that is so broad that it makes it impossible for you to study. Go for a realistic scope of topic research so that you can do justice to your topic and break the chains of an average dissertation to create something extra-ordinary.