Choosing The Most Suitable Research Methodology for Dissertation

It is often seen in the research write-ups that the researchers miss out on some very important points. Most often, scholars get confused over choosing the correct methodology for their dissertation. They choose the design, with which they feel comfortable, but it would be more beneficial for them to choose an appropriate research design and methodology, which approaches more to the reader and the society as a whole.

Whether qualitative or quantitative; your research should have a purpose and a direction, that is not only reliable but also valuable and valid. If you are choosing the quantitative RM, your research should have statistically significant conclusions. If it is an experimental quantitative research, it should explain all the steps, previews, results and consequences of that particular experiment or theory.

On the other hand, if it is a qualitative RM, it should be presented in its natural essence and you should focus on describing the behaviour. You should seek to explain the situation in detail rather than explaining the results and consequences of a theory.

You should know the difference between qualitative and quantitative research methodologies; wherein the former tries to conclude a theory or an experiment, the latter tries to reach at a theory by describing the detailed scenarios.