Features of freelance academic writing

A freelance academic writer is a person who is self-employed and writes academic materials for companies, employers, universities. They work on a project basis where they are given academic assignments. They work on academic assignments like dissertation reports, dissertation defense, master’s assignments etc. Freelance academic writing has lots of benefits. Freelance Academic writing in English is focused on informing the readers rather than entertaining them. It aims at contributing to the main line of argument without any repetition and maintaining the originality.Freelance Academic writing is complex, formal, objective and responsible. It ensures precise and accurate use of the language.

The key aspects of academic writing are as mentioned below –

  1. Freelance Academic writing is more complex. It has longer words and uses varied vocabulary. The grammar is complex involving more subordinate clauses, passives, noun- based phrases.
  2. Formality is another important feature to freelance academic writing. It means avoiding technical jargons, slangs, jokes, colloquial etc.
  3. Precision is indispensable to freelance academic writing because the content has to be supported with precise facts and figures.
  4. Freelance academic writing is also has objectivity. It makes use of more nouns and adjective rather that verbs and adverbs. This is because the main focus of freelance academic writing is on the information that is to be given and the arguments that need to be made.
  5. The freelance academic writing is explicit and the writer has to clearly define to the readers how the parts of the text are related.
  6. Accuracy can never be ignored when it comes to freelance academic writing.
  7. Hedging is a technique used by freelance academic writers to make decisions about their stance on a particular subject or the strength of the claims they are making. This is essential to freelance academic writing.
  8. Last but not the least freelance academic writing should be responsible in the sense that it should be able to provide evidence and justification for all the claims that have been made. Any source or text used should be responsibly demonstrated.

Therefore, freelance academic writing is essential because of the readers it deals with and the arguments that it takes up to prove and support. It should ensure that the content can create value and can be taken up for further studies. Thus, freelance academic writing must be undertaken with great sincerity and utmost dedication.