How to write a Housing Dissertation?

Writing a housing dissertation can be quite a challenge if you are not well aware of the real estate industry. However, with detailed research, one can write an exceptional housing dissertation which will benefit many people around the globe. In today’s market, real estate and housing are the latest talk-of-the-town with the sky-high rates and need for affordable housing.


The number of topics available in the field of housing dissertations is quite high, giving students a wide scope to choose a topic that interests them. While writing a housing dissertation, it is important to consider your audience and the kind of change you aspire to bring in the specified field. Here are some tips on writing a good and effective housing dissertation.

Points to consider while writing a Housing Dissertation:

  • Topic: Choose your topic wisely. Within housing dissertations, there are a lot of topics available like maintenance, real estate prices, investments, apt locations, need for affordable housing, constructions, choosing a trust-worthy builder, etc.
  • Social and affordable housing: Usually, social housing and affordable housing are the largest chosen topics as the current recession and decline in economy are raising a lot of questions about affordable housing. If you choose a similar topic, you must consider the impact of your dissertation and have a solid plan to change the scenario at least a little bit. Your dissertation must be able to find some solution for the lower income group so that they can also afford a home for themselves.
  • Proposal: Create a strong proposal. Your topic will be more appealing with a well-written and effective proposal.
  • Title: Your title page must have a strong statement that well-elaborates your topic
  • Introductory pages: The preface, acknowledgement and table of contents must be included in your dissertation
  • Research: Conduct a thorough research about your topic and incorporate all the tables and charts based on your study in your dissertation. You can use a lot of facts and figures to complement your study in a housing dissertation
  • Abstract: Write an exceptional abstract. The abstract will make your dissertation stand out from the others, and a good housing abstract will interest a lot of people, right from niche to mass audiences.
  • History: Give a history about the topic, for e.g. if you are writing about affordable housing, go back to the initial years and talk about how the concept of affordable housing has changed over the years.
  • Legal issues: Since every housing deal requires a lot of documentation and faces many legal issues, you must incorporate this in your dissertation
  • Analysis: Give a detailed analysis based on your study that includes statistical data and data collection methods and analysis.

Conclusions: This is the most important aspect of your dissertation. Write a clear and focused conclusion that communicates your study and research effectively.