Preparing for your dissertation defense session

A dissertation defense aims at proving the ability of the student to submit the proposed study confidently in a knowing manner. The mere thoughts of preparing for dissertation defense are often enough to induce anxiety and nervousness. One must think about both the logistical and psychological considerations while preparing for their thesis defense.

Ordinarily, students take a one-month lead-time between the submission of the final draft and the last appointment to submit your thesis defense. One should plan one’s presentation, stay calm, and know oneself well from deep within as also he should know the committee and the work to be presented highly thoroughly. One should plan smart and not over plan thereby limiting the time to be focusing on actual training. Setting up for a meeting with the committee members well in advance is a good idea, especially since it would give you an honest estimate of their expertise and the probable questions they might have on the research. So as stated, it is always helpful to confer with fellow researcher who has experienced the same circle of professors on their panel.

When working on the slide presentation of your report, it is pertinent to keep focused and remember the objective is to highlight the study in its entirety and not just results and conclusions drawn from your work. Always include a quick section on the purpose and background of the discipline for the benefit of the defense. Further, one must observe the ground rules of preparing for dissertation defense i.e. start by reviewing the research purpose, accompanied by the methodological instruments and analyses used. Thereon, go straight to presenting the results, remember to stick to factual and not beat behind the bush.

Practicing with an audience beforehand immensely helps in enhancing your confidence and enables in presenting a clear and level headed defense. Last but not the least, self presentation is essential, get good sleep, follow an appropriate formal dress code and conduct yourself well to ensure credibility of your work.

Therefore, one must considered dissertation defense as an excellent opportunity to demonstrate the salient features of your research and take advantage from the review committee’s inputs in order to improve upon your thesis or dissertation. By having a positive approach towards oneself, one’s thesis and the review committee, one can do wonders with one presentation. But a thoroughly disciplined preparation plan should be chalked out well in advance. Following the plan closely and honestly can make things work definitely.