Tips to polish your Dissertation

Once you have drafted your dissertation, the next step is to do some rework on it to enhance it and make it more presentable. Polishing the dissertation should not be taken lightly, and due attention should be paid to it. It calls for effort and careful observation.

There are two ways you can polish your document- one is that you can take help from professional proofreaders who will improve the flow of the document while giving suggestions regarding how to improve it further. The second way is to carry out the proofreading task on your own.
In the latter case, follow the tips given below:

  • Re-read the complete dissertation, one paragraph at a time thereby eliminating the use of unnecessary words, simplifying the sentences, removing the grammatical errors.
  • Make sure that every paragraph is equally important and makes sense to the readers focusing on a single point.
  • With focusing on the meaning of the sentences, concentrate on the words as well.
  • Pay careful attention to Homophones (words which sound the same but are spelt differently have different meanings)
  • Fix a specific type of problem to look at, every time you open your dissertation and strive to complete it in one go.
  • Increase the use of active verb in your document.
  • Devote a session to the flow of the sentences.

Above all, try to read your dissertation with an editor’s eye, wide open to see what you might have skipped before.