Tips for effective referencing

Referencing is significant only when it is used in the standard bibliographic format to cite every source which the paper is tied to. Follow the useful tips while preparing the Reference Section:

  1. Record the bibliographic information as and when the sources are used to avoid the last minute hustle.
  2. Ensure to apply consistent format for citing all the sources.
  3. Cite only the sources that are directly relevant to the area of study.
  4. Never cite Incomplete or abstract sources.
  5. List all the references alphabetically.
  6. Follow the appropriate citation format for information from different sources. Separate format is used for Journal papers, books, newspaper articles, online content.
  7. Make sure that each in-text citation has an equal entry in the Reference list.
  8. Favor the present tense and active voice.
  9. Avoid the use of dramatic adjectives.
  10. Devote sufficient time for this section and proofread carefully before the dissertation is submitted.