Data Analysis and its types

Data Analysis is a process of inspecting and transforming data with the goal of discovering something useful and productive. It is done in a study on the basis of the survey to drive certain conclusions and take decisions. Below are some of its types –

1. Descriptive – Least amount of efforts are put in this and is used to describe the main features of the data collected in qualitative manner.
2. Exploratory – Under this method the data is analyzed to find previous unknown facts and define future studies and questions.
3. Inferential – It is mainly used when the data size is too large.
4. Predictive – Under this method the analysis is done on the basis of historical facts and studies.
5. Causal – It is used to see the effect of change in one variable on another.
6. Mechanistic – This type require most efforts and helps to understqand the exact changes in vatriables for individual objects.