Ways of Citing

There are two ways of citing references – Author Prominent and Information Prominent
1. Author Prominent –
This way gives prominence (importance) to the author by using the author’s surname as part of
your sentence with the date and the page number in round brackets.
Direct quote example
Cowie (1996, p. 91) ‘sdheudj dhidkkl ewdwls dwlokd mndewkmu’.
Paraphrase example
Cowie (1996) feslklenhejj dewhwd ewhdhlas dwwaidjil dwwkrwjd rewajkw dnhkjasndiwel.
2. Information prominent –
The other way of citing references gives prominence (importance) to the information, with all the required referencing details in round brackets at the end.
Direct quote example
bjuwdnhrhnd ‘djkiejdoij djewidi jniqwine nhiwqjk enjwiqjo ewnk ewqiojia ’
(Cowie 1996, p. 91).
Paraphrase example
rdnejuhdsnajknhj ‘ndesjaknhi dbwjas bdwuiqdsj dbwuisnjm’
(Cowie 1996).