What next after PhD? “Horizons beyond academics”

What if research was your passion but academics is not? Is ending up as an academician the only possible destiny after a PhD?? Well, probably not. Here are some other avenues that you might want to explore if academics is not your cup of tea.

1. Micro-business owner: you may sell a product or maybe a service. Of most importance will be your networking and communication skills if you wish to make it big in business. You may even think of helping out research graduates as a consultant. This might scratch the itch for doing meaningful work.

2. Novelist: After your research, you will have mastered the art of writing. If you think fiction is where you belong, you can probably try out writing a novel. Your analytical abilities that you develop while researching will be an added advantage here.

3. Politician : This avenue is particularly attractive when you have a taste for politics and serving public. The world has turned knowledge intensive and thus your expertise in a field is likely to be beneficial. You may even decide to work for a politician if not becoming one yourself.

4. Public servant: Most public servants undertake a PhD to get promoted. The ability to read, write, analyze and teach that you acquire with your research are likely to help you climb the ladder of ranks rather quickly, because ultimately it will all add up to your efficiency. The only characteristic you need to possess is the commitment to work for the public.

Let us know if we can add something to this list. We’d be glad to publish your opinions.