My Messed Up Research Proposal!!

I have made a mess of my research proposal and have no idea of how to make it right! Let me start it from The Start. I enrolled in a PhD program and chose a topic “Performance analysis of an inventive, efficient synchronization algorithm for distributed MIMO-OFDM based communication systems”. When I selected this topic, I didn’t really give it much thought and assumed that I’ll deal with it when the time comes. Pretty careless of me, true, but now the time has come and gone! I am stuck in the middle of my proposal because the point is, I don’t know what to PROPOSE! I have the existing literature, I know the shortcomings in this area but I don’t know a way out!! I don’t know how to build an algorithm that can be more productive and better than the others. So, what should I write in my methodology when I don’t know what to do? I probably have a week’s time to solve this riddle! Please Help!!