Write-up Paralyses

I wanted to ask for some advice on the process of dissertation writing. With my engagement, marriage and lots of travelling during my environmental PhD, I have only written 10 new pages this entire semester! I am certain my University is going to kick me out if I don’t complete my dissertation before May of 2016!

My dissertation has six chapters namely, introduction, literature review, research methodology, analysis, results and discussion, conclusion. I am done with the first and second chapter and have been writing research methodology for as long as I remember! I can’t seem to figure out the problem, maybe it’s due to so many interruptions, with my marriage and all. But now, when I sit down to write, I am blank, like I am so tensed, I can’t even write! Is it normal to get struck by a paralyzing writing anxiety?

If anyone has a similar kind of problem with writing and could advise me on the same, I would really appreciate it!