Rejected PhD Thesis!

Hello Everyone
Last time I posted, I was waiting for my Viva. But unfortunately, my thesis got rejected so I got a lot more to worry about now.
To put it broadly, the comments of the examiners were something like these:

1. The hypothesis are not well supported by the literature
2. Not well development of the questionnaire and research methods without the linkage of the literatures. There is no clear explanation of the sample size
3. Chi square should not be used for ordinal or scale type data. Correlation test or regression should be used. The reliability tests should be detailed
4. Conclusion is fairly formed but due to the hypothesis the value of this chapter is low

Now what do I do? I am so worried, I can’t even sleep. I can do the corrections, yes, but the analysis? I can’t do that all again. I really need some advice now.