How to enhance your editing traits?

I am on the writing phase of my thesis, where I am just done with the literature review chapter. As per my university rules (Northwestern University), I have to send my chapters for review as and when I am done with it. The thing is that my first chapter was way below the bar set by my supervisor and therefore, it came back with a lot of editing and remarks. But well I got through the corrections, while I was working on chapter 2. But now, I don’t want to make the same mistake and send it without editing. So, I am on second page and I haven’t got a single thing to change, except some typo and grammar errors. And I also know that that’s not it. There has to be something which I am missing as no way can I be so neat.

This is why I am writing, searching for ways to increase my editing skills. I would like to know about the ways you can go about editing and what should you be looking for while doing so. Thanks for any inputs to that.