Inadequate Supervision! Need Help!

Hi guys! I am pursuing my PhD in management and my research is based on novice entrepreneurs.
Initially, I was highly passionate about my research, but now I am loosing interest in it. The reason being
that I’m experiencing inadequate support from my supervisors. During the past one year, my supervisor
has been changed for the third time. The first one got retired, the second one has migrated to some
European university and the third one is unfortunately hard – to – catch. He was assigned to me two
months back and I have hardly seen him once, that too at the time of introduction. It was a short
introduction of merely 5 – 10 mins. I am constantly trying to reach him through emails, phone calls and
even Whatsapp. But, he never reverts back. I am getting demotivated day by day. I have started to think of
dropping my PhD. What do I do? Please help! I am unable to decide.