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  • Michael 7:09 am on October 7, 2014 Permalink | Reply  

    Why do we need to do a Research? 

    A lot of daily activities we do, are either based on common sense or we do the just because we have to or just because we have been told so. But, sometimes common sense is not enough; we have to apply theories and look for facts hidden behind things and to get into that process we have to ‘research’. Because that might just work in one condition and can fail badly in the others or when combined with some other situations. Common sense approaches may overlook the impact of external factors which may contribute to what is observed. Even in the domain of healthcare, there are gaps in knowledge, theories about how something might work better and ideas for improvement.

    • Gilbert 4:14 am on January 28, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      i completely agree, there is always scope for improvement. What is important is that we get out of our comfort zone and look for areas that need to be explored. Researchers at times tend to study areas that have already been investigated primarily for the sake of convenience. This tendency however will not add to the academic pool. We as researchers, must aim to contribute to the existing knowledge. Find areas where relationships are still vague and where variables still need definition. Only then do we fulfil the true purpose of a research.

  • Michael 7:09 am on September 30, 2014 Permalink | Reply  

    Some common mistakes in reporting style 

    1. Verbs
    2. Tenses and grammar
    3. No proofreading!
    4. Unnecessary background and highlights
    5. Spellings and typos
    6. Inaccurate quotes, phrases or words
    7. Over simplification. Sometimes use of jargons or technical words is necessary.
    8. Superficiality i.e., Re-writing something in a different way
    9. Anthromorphism. Being short of words or the exact terms and using loads of words to explain things.
    10. Other common mistakes and reporting of results
    11. Not understanding the significance of ‘significance’. Yes, it is really important to tell about the significance of doing a research in the particular topic because if you will fail to convey that to the evaluators they will probably have no interest in reading further.

  • Michael 4:55 am on September 27, 2014 Permalink | Reply  

    How to write the Abstract? 

    Since an abstract is a summary of the whole research, it is important to cover all the details about it.
    Paragraph 1. What is the problem?
    Not more then 3-4 lines should be written about the problem to tell the readers about it clearly.

    Paragraph 2. Why is the problem hard?
    – What has eluded us solving it?
    – What does the literature says about it?
    – What are the obstacles/challenges?

    Paragraph 3 What is your approach to solve it?
    – How come you solved it?
    – Write about the claims that your thesis plans to improve or demonstrate.

    Paragraph 4. What is the consequence of your approach?

    – Tell them about the impacts.
    – What does your approach/result enable?

  • Michael 9:49 am on September 5, 2014 Permalink | Reply  

    Tips on Data Analysis 

    Data Analysis is considered to be the most crucial step in a dissertation process. If we’ll pay a little attention to it, it surely pays us back by getting the desired results. Here are few quick tips on how you can do it in a better manner –
    1. Form a clear, Specific, And Concise Hypothesis BEFORE Analysis as it gives a better understanding and also it becomes much easier to do the analysis.
    2. Choosing the right analysis technique is really important. You must try to consult your guide before opting for one to avoid duplicacy.
    3. Always re-check your Assumptions before you start with the Analysis. It is really important that they are related to each other.
    4. Always perform the Analysis on a rough draft first. Show it to your guide if he approves then prepare the final copy.

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