Inserting Quotations Within A Dissertation

Quotes lend a touch of personification to a piece of write-up and also enlighten the subject under research. A very simple yet basic rule of shaping up a good piece of write-up is using as many quotes as possible. However, care should be taken regarding their excessive usage, which may affect the fundamental purpose of assignment writing.

A dissertation is a serious piece of write-up, and usage of quotes depends entirely upon the subject one has chosen. Inserting quotes where it is not required will land an amateurish touch and the reader will understand in no time that you are trying to fool him by showing up your desperation to present quotes, even when it is actually not necessary.

Dissertations should be precise, concise, lucid and easy to understand, yet they should carry a serious overtone. Causal style of writing is a big NO and just to support or throw weight behind, what you are putting forward, insertion of quotes become pretty important. Make sure you are using quotes of well known personalities and that the quotes are 100% related to the subject you are dealing with. You can not expect the reader to be well aware about the person who’s ‘saying’ you’re including, therefore always pick quotes of those, who have made a good name for themselves in the field of research. At the same time, quotations should be simple and easy to understand, convey the message in a single attempt and back up your purpose of research study.