Styles Followed For Citations In The US

The word citation is also known as a reference, generally found in books and research reports. It is represented alphanumerically on pages of books and research reports to give credit to whom (or from where) the research, work, or discussion is sourced. It helps you in giving support to your words or discussions. For different subjects and topics there are optimized different styles of citations.

In different American Universities, for different subjects and streams, there are different systems or styles of citations. Some of the popularly used citation styles include the following:-

Oxford Citation Style: It is one of the most popular citation styles in America, and in the world, as well. It is, more popularly, known as the documentary-note style, in which superscript numbers are given above the text, and a detailed description about that number (text) is given in the footnote.

Harvard Citation Style: There are various sub-categories of this citation style but the most common method of this kind of reference citation is giving a little detail in brackets, just after something has been said. It is commonly known as the author-date system.

American Sociological Association: This style is practiced by the writers of manuscripts, being published under the American Sociological Association’s journal. It is an in-text citation style, for example: The president of America, George W. Bush (2002) attacked Afghanistan, seeking the evil root behind the 9/11 terrorist attack.

Some other popular American citation styles include MLA, APA, The Chicago Manual of Style, Vancouver system, etc.