5 mistakes PhD students make and ways to avoid them

When you initially start your PhD, you might have a certain mindset. Not all students make mistakes, but if you are doing one of the following, you’re probably going in the wrong direction.

1. Starting with writing right away!
Before you actually get down to writing your research, it is better that you perform some writing exercises. after all, writing a research is no cake walk! To start with, write a journal paper or blog away your thoughts.
2. Seminars are boring?
Don’t be too busy to attend seminars. There are experienced academicians and professionals out there whose advice comes in handy at most instances. Take time out to listen to these people.
3. Not making your way to the library
Now this is a terrible one!PhD demands you to read and explore. There is no better place than a library to start your research. Also, following blogs and forums will also do you good. Check out academic blogs where researchers share their experiences and insights.
4.Not following procedures
Believe it or not, procedures and policies are there to help you! complete all mandatory requirements and paperwork and leave nothing unattended.
5. Keeping away from technology?
If you think technology is not capable of lending you a hand in your PhD, you are seriously mistaken! Scholarly technology is more like a savior for PhD students. Use social bookmarking sites and software like evernote, mendeley, or a writing software like Scrivener. Social media is also a good research tool if you use it wisely.

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