The nerve wracking process of defending you thesis! Try these tips.

After you’re done with writing your research comes the dreaded moment of having to defend it. As tricky as it seems, this last segment of your PhD will definitely test your potential. Here are some tips to help you through this task-
1. Know the format: The format for defending your thesis varies from country to country. You may be required to have a one on one interview or give a presentation to a panel. Whatever the format is, you should be prepared accordingly.
2. The presentation: Prepare a well studied presentation and practice it to perfection. Know the material thoroughly, note the time taken and refine it. Practice in front of peers and friends to gain confidence and feedback.
3. The questions: You are required to know a lot about your research and the topic, but not necessarily everything. Its okay of you don’t know the answer to some question. Just acknowledge and mention what you think about it. If you do know the answer, explain it calmly. Take time to breathe and focus on what you are saying.
4. Its okay to be nervous: Even your examiners expect you to be nervous! Happens with just about everyone. Talking really fast is something that generally happens when we are nervous. So take care to slow down and breathe deep!
And remember, its all going to be OKAY! A nervous performance and minor goof ups cannot undermine a well researched thesis. Hard work will never go unappreciated.