Literature Review Stuck-Up

I am in a PhD program and can’t seem to write a literature review! It’s been 7 months since I enrolled in this program and maybe I am new at this, that’s why I can’t get it. But I am fed up! After selecting my topic and extensively reading different papers related to my field, I am told to prepare a draft on literature review (which I heard for the first time). My self-righteous guide didn’t bother to explain how to write an LR or what the heck that is! All I got to know from here and there was that, you write about other researches.

Failure 1: I just took the abstract of other research papers and simply ‘put’ them in my draft, which was a super failure, no doubt.

Failure 2: I re-wrote the abstracts (pretty stupid of me for which I got to hear my guide’s bickering for two painful hours!!).

Failure 3: I included more references and instead of writing in paragraphs about one research, I wrote in sentences. For example, Mr. X stated this, Mr. Y stated that (advised by my guide and still the sicko rejected it).

Failure 4: I divided the literature review into sections and did a little bit more explaining (my smart-ass guide wanted a critical analysis, without explaining it to me!!).

Failure 5: So, I revised the document according to the ‘critical analysis’ and still got rejected!

Why? Because now, that imbecile wants me to make a concept matrix and also, he wasn’t satisfied with my critical analysis! What the heck is a concept matrix? I am so damn tired of making revisions! What do I do?